Sometimes it may feel like life is a constant battle of negativity…

 The light at the end of the tunnel is dim and having the energy or self-belief to keep on going seems like an unbearable task.  For some, the mountain is too steep to climb and staring up at what lies ahead can leave people feeling tired, deflated with no energy reserve! 

Personally, when I am having a bit of a wobble, I always find myself drawn to the skyline.  Staring up at the clouds, in hope for some mental clarity or an answer, something to spur me along. 

From volcano’s to lightening bolts! 

This week, I met a young boy for the very first time and straight away he had me beaming from ear to ear. Talking intensely about his interests, ‘volcano’s, tornado’s, lightening and clouds, all are kinda weird really’. 

I found myself smiling, little did he know that the majority of my phone memory is taken up with pictures of clouds.  From the morning sunrise to sunsets and then some, I too have a thing for clouds! 

It is not uncommon to seen stood in the middle of a car park; mesmerised by the sky watching the clouds slowly drifting by.  Quickly rummaging through my bag for my phone, in the hope to get a quick snapshot before the moment passes me by. 

Yes, this might result in a passer-by having a little giggle or smiling at me, wondering what on earth I am doing.  I find myself having a quiet giggle in return when I see them stopping and looking around, up to the sky, curious as to what I am actually taking a picture of!  Yet to my family, stopping to watch me take pictures of the clouds is now quite the norm. 

One thing I have learnt over the years is this;  when you are passionate about something and you share this with others, something starts to happen…  People become interested too!  They become keen to learn and understand more about your interests, the things that inspire you. 

Searching beyond the clouds… 

I think it’s fair to say that my love of clouds is catching!  Now when I am out with my boys, I frequently hear my youngest shout out, ‘Mummy, look at the world, it is sooo beautiful!’  Turning my head to smile, I will then catch my eldest peering out of the car window and taking a picture of the clouds followed by a thoughtful, ‘Mummy, I’ve taken this one for you.’

So, when the world seems dark and  grey,  

Searching beyond the clouds,  

Find comfort in knowing you will find that brighter day  

Don’t be afraid of the darkness,   


Living in fear of the shadows that cover the sun,  

For as the saying reminds us,  

’every cloud has a silver lining’,  

and behind every cloud, there will be the sun! 


Remember, even when the days are dark and long – 

there will always be the sun! 

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