Adult Therapy

CBT for Adults

“Helping people to grow and develop positive outcomes”

Are you finding that it is becoming an increasing struggle to manage how you are feeling? Are you feeling overwhelmed, alone and unsure of what to do or where to turn? Is life a constant battle and challenge? Would you like support and learn strategies to overcome challenges and build on your resilience?

Sunflower Cognitive Therapies can help, our goal is to help people to grow and develop positive outcomes, one step at a time.

We provide clients with a safe and confidential environment where together as a team, the presenting problems can start to be explored.  The role of the therapist is to make the client feel at ease, providing a safe and containing environment so that the client is then ready to explore any challenges that maybe preventing them from moving on in their live.

What do we mean by challenges?

There are many situations that we have to face that we might deem to be a challenge.  Having to take a test, starting a new job, moving house, meeting work deadlines, loss of a loved one/friend, phobia or fear, parenting etc.

Some situations we can overcome without any problem where as other situations, no matter how many times we might be faced with the same situation, the harder and more challenging it becomes.

When we struggle to make sense of what is happening, this can often lead to a spiral of unhelpful thoughts, feelings and behaviours.  In these situations, it is easy to feel stuck and unable to process things clearly, ultimately leaving us feel helpless!

At times of challenge, rationale thinking will often go out of the window, leading to thoughts and actions that are driven by the emotions experienced at the time.

Having an opportunity to explore some of these unhelpful thoughts, feelings and behaviours might seem daunting and uncomfortable at first.  However, once some of the negative beliefs systems are challenged, bringing about new ways of thinking, this will soon become the norm.

Every step of the process, Sunflower Cognitive Therapies will be there to guide and support you.  Questioning some of the old thoughts, feels and behaviour patterns and teaching you new ways of thinking, feeling and responding when faced with difficult situations or challenges.

What Should I Expect?

Initial Consultation

The purpose of this session is to establish an understanding of the presenting problems, thoughts and feelings. It is an opportunity to talk about any previous therapy experiences, if they were helpful and what worked for the individual.

During this appointment we will explain the role of therapy and how the concept of  Cognitive Behavioural Therapy  can be beneficial in challenging the presenting difficulties. Changing how we think, feel and respond to situations.


Following the consultation, a block of four appointments will be arranged to complete an initial assessment including further information about the presenting problem or challenges. By the end of the appointments, it should be clear as to whether CBT is going to be beneficial to meet the client’s needs.

If it is decided that this method is suitable, we will work together to create a therapy goal to work towards and help the client overcome any problem areas.


Therapy Sessions

If Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is considered to be an appropriate method we will arrange six appointments, this is so that we are all aware of how many sessions are remaining and can actively review the goals.

During these sessions we will work as a team and begin to cognitively repair the way the client currently processes thoughts, feelings and behaviours relating to the identified problem areas and come up with a plan.

What Comes Next?

After the six sessions are completed, and we have reviewed the goals, we will have a clear understanding of the individual challenges and the progress that has been made. If the client or therapist decides additional sessions will be beneficial, this will be decided together and booked in.

The client will have the resilience to prevent future relapse and feel equipped with coping mechanisms to support their thought process in challenging situations.


“Catherine was recommended to me by a colleague. The initial meeting was for my 10 year old daughter who I thought was worrying too much. Catherine quickly established that it was actually me who needed help as I was suffering from anxiety and not my daughter.

As a health care professional, I know that many people suffer from anxiety and often need help. I have had experiences in the past with therapy that have been positive and negative. However, since starting my journey, Catherine has helped me to realise I can take control and that my past does not determine the future. It hasn’t been easy and I’ve had to deal with some difficult subjects but it has been enlightening with many ‘lightbulb moments’.  What I do know is I will get there and that my anxiety is nothing to be ashamed of.

Catherine has been so supportive and makes me feel safe enough to talk about some very emotional subjects. She does this in a supportive and understanding way. She is so easy to talk to. I would recommend anybody, old or young, who is thinking of embarking on therapy to see Catherine. Thank you, you are not only changing my life but those closest to me.”

Private client, aged 41yrsThemeNectar