CBT for Schools

CBT for Schools

“Every child is unique. Together let us support each and every one of them to develop the skills to reach their potential goal.”  

Recognising a niche for a quality service accessible for children and young people in schools, Sunflower Cognitive Therapies signed their first Service Level Agreement in May 2016 with one of the Top 100 State Schools in England, All Saints Academy, Ingleby Barwick.  

Sunflower Cognitive Therapies has established close working relationships with several primary and secondary educational settings within the Tees Valley Area.  

CBT for Schools

The work completed in each school varies in content, tailored to meet the needs of the school and each young person.  Whilst some work in schools has been as a result of a private referral being sort from families, other work has been as a result of the school requesting a discrete intervention and assessment to be carried out. 

“Providing talking therapy to children and young people in schools is paramount to establishing positive mental health and well-being”     

The last five years has seen a growing change into the service provision Sunflower Cognitive Therapies can offer. Simply as a result of the requests received from individualised schools and the ever growing need for service demand of implementing mental health strategies in school.  We take pride in the services that are available to schools, bespoke to meet the needs of each school we provide children and young people an opportunity to begin exploring a range of different feelings and emotions in a safe and supportive environment.  

Whilst some school’s continue to buy therapy and assessment services for the full academic year for an agreed set number of hours per week.  There is also a growing request for specific packages for schools this work includes:  

Bespoke Assessment and Therapy Intervention  

Delivery of Group work to children and young people using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (available for both Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3/4) on Making Friends, Building Confidence and Self Esteem, Coping with Anxiety  

Teaching sessions carried out to full year groups on a variety of subjects – Worries & Fears, SATS, Transition from Primary to Secondary, Friendship, Setting Goals  

Delivering presentations/talks to differing Key Stage Year Groups around the impact of mental health and some of the challenges young people face  

“Offering young people time and space to build on their emotional literacy by encouraging class discussion is key to creating resilience, developing confidence and good self-esteem”  

 Each of the training programmes have been designed by Sunflower Cognitive Therapies, giving children and young people an opportunity to explore 3 key concepts, Making Friends, Building Confidence and Self Esteem, Coping with Anxiety.  Each programme is delivered over a 6 week period and implements Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to build on emotional resilience and encourage personal growth and development.  

The programmes have been designed for quality and peace of mind.  Sunflower Cognitive Therapies can facilitate the work over a period of 6 sessions to students, relieving some of the stress and pressure that delivering a group intervention can have on teaching staff.  

Alternatively, if you would like to see some of your team members develop a greater awareness and understanding of mental health whilst develop their continuing professional development then look no further.  These training programmes are also available to provide teaching staff with specialist training to delivering evidence based key CBT concepts to children and young people within your school.  

Here is what one school shared about their experience…

Catherine delivered three fantastic whole class therapy sessions to a Y6 class towards the end of their primary school journey. The class were finding the transition time difficult and these sessions were extremely beneficial as they gave the children strategies to cope with their transition and allowed them to see that other children were also anxious and nervous about starting secondary school in September. The classes were tailored to the needs of the children and children responded well to these, if Catherine felt they needed more time on an objective she would give them the time they needed. Catherine worked closely with the teacher to ensure she made the highest impact possible.

Catherine created a classroom climate where the children felt comfortable to talk about their worries in front of the class. She also built excellent relationships with the children within these sessions which allowed the children to fully express their emotions; therefore, the lessons had a great impact on all the children! I personally feel that these sessions were extremely important during this difficult time for some children and I can’t wait for Catherine to deliver similar sessions for my current Y6 class.

The transition process is key for all children and Catherine’s sessions were influential for ours.

Mrs L HendersonYear 6 Class Teacher, January 2018